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Penguin Pick-Up FAQs


Cables On Sale has partnered with Penguin Pick-Up to offer our customers even more delivery options. Penguin Pick-Up enables customers to receive packages from Cables On Sale at one of the 6 (and growing) convenient locations in the GTA, at a reduced shipping cost. 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Penguin Pick-Up. Please note that if you chose Penguin Pick-Up as the delivery option, Cables on Sale will share your Name, email and telephone number so that Penguin Pick-Up can contact you once the order is available to pick up at their location. 

For shipping timelines and ETA, please see our Shipping page

Please note we will share your email address, first and last name with Penguin Pick-Up ( They will create an unique account on your behalf. They will contact you when your package is ready for pickup.



Penguin Pick-Up General Information


  1. I’ve got more questions and comments! Who can I contact?
    • We welcome your feedback! Please call us at (905) 760-6203.
  2. Who is responsible for my deliveries and returns?
    • Penguin Pick-Up will sign for all deliveries. Returns must be arranged directly through the retailer.
  3.  What if I want to return an item?
    • We are a convenient shipping destination. Please return your item directly to the retailer from which you ordered the item as per their policy.
  4. The contents of my package are damaged. What do I do?
    • If the contents are damaged but the package was intact when you received it from Penguin Pick-Up, please contact the retailer from which you purchased the item. If the exterior package is damaged, please contact us at (905) 760-6203.
  5. I was given somebody else’s order. What do I do?
    • If a Penguin Pick-Up associate gave you the wrong package, please call (905) 760-6203 and we will arrange to have the parcel delivered to you at your convenience.
  6. I was given the wrong contents within my package. What do I do?
    • If the wrong item was shipped to you, please contact the retailer directly to arrange for a replacement product.
  7. How long are packages kept for?
    • Packages are kept for 7 days. Reminders for pick up will be sent via email, text or voice. If packages are not picked up within 7 days, a Penguin Pick-Up associate will contact the customer to make alternate arrangements.
  8. How secure is a Penguin Pick-Up?
    • We are very secure. We have 24-hour security surveillance at all the Penguin Pick-Up locations.
  9. May I order oversized packages to Penguin Pick-Up?
    • We do have package size limits. Please Click here for our shipping and size restrictions. 
  10. May I order food and perishables to the Penguin Pick-Up?
    • Currently, we do not accept food or perishable products. Please Click here for our shipping and size restrictions.
  11. Do I need to get out of my car to retrieve my parcel at the Penguin Pick-Up
    • No – Penguin Pick-Up associate will deliver your package to your car..
  12. How long will I have to wait at the Penguin Pick-Up?
    • Our service level goal is set at 5 min. or less from the time you arrive to the time you leave with your package.
  13. May I ask a friend or family member to pick up my parcels on my behalf?
    • Absolutely! They will need the email with the subject line “Your Penguin Pick-Up Order is Ready for You” associated with the order and your Pick-Up Code. Click here for more details.  
  14.  What do I need to bring to pick-up my purchases?
    • We require individuals to present a government issued identification. To speed up the process, please bring your Penguin Pick-Up ID as well. Click here for more detailed information.  
  15. What do I do when I arrive at the Penguin Pick-Up?
    • You drive to the designated Penguin Pick-Up parking spot. A Penguin Pick-Up associate will deliver your package to your car. Click here for details on the required identification.
  16. My shipping company says that my package was received by Penguin Pick-Up, but I haven’t received a notification.
    • We strive to inform you as quickly as possible once we receive your package, usually within a couple of hours.
    • During peak hours, it can take us some time to check in a package as “Received”. If you have not received your notification by 3pm of the receiving date, please contact us at (905) 760-6203.
  17. My package has not arrived yet. How can I check its status?
    • Until it has arrived at the Penguin Pick-Up, we will not have information on the status of your package. You can check with your retailer or track the package with your shipping company.
  18.  How will I know when I can pick up the products?
    • We will inform you by email, text, or telephone that your package has arrived and is ready for pick-up at your convenience.
  19. How do I order packages to a Penguin Pick-Up?
    • Orders can be placed on any online website that ships within/to Canada. Once you are registered with Penguin Pick-Up, you simply enter one of our locations as the shipping address when shopping online. Please click here for detailed information.
  20. How do I contact an individual at the Penguin Pick-Up locations?
    • Please call (905) 760-6203 and your call will be directed to the appropriate Penguin Pick-Up associate
  21. What are the Penguin Pick-Up operating hours?
    • Please contact each location
  22. How will I know when new Penguin Pick-Up locations open?
    • If you register with us, we can let you know when we open new Penguin Pick-Up locations near you.
    • Click here to register on our website.
  23. What are the locations of the Penguin Pick-Up Units?
    • Click here to find a Penguin Pick-Up location near you.
  24. What happens once packages arrive at Penguin Pick-Up?

25.  I’m having trouble inputting the Penguin Pick-Up address at the online checkout.

Please check to ensure that the Penguin Pick-Up address was not used as your billing address. For your billing address, it must be the same as the address used for your credit card (usually your home address).

For some retailers, our Vaughan location is listed as Concord, Ontario. Since Concord is in Vaughan, as long as the postal code is correct, we will be able to receive your package.

For any additional troubleshooting, please call (905) 760-6203.


  1.  What is a Penguin Pick-Up Code?
    • A Penguin Pick-Up Code is a personal code that can be shared with others who may pick-up on your behalf. This is not your account password, nor does it provide it access to any of your personal information. It only allows someone to pick up on your behalf.
  2.  How do I change Pick-Up Code?
    • Just click “Change Pick-up Code” on your profile page.
  3.  What is a Penguin Pick-Up ID?
    • The Penguin Pick-Up ID is a unique identifier so that we can track the right package to the right person – you! For instance, if there are two John Smiths who use the same Penguin Pick-Up location, we can track which package goes to the correct John Smith. This is why you need to add your Penguin Pick-Up ID to your shipping address.
  4. Where do I find my Penguin Pick-Up ID?
    • Your Penguin Pick-Up ID is found on the addresses page when you sign into your account.
  5.  Am I able to change my Penguin PickUp ID?
    • Unfortunately, your Penguin Pick-Up ID cannot be changed.
  6.  Help! I got locked out of my account.
    • Not a problem! Please call (905) 760-6203 and we will be pleased to assist you.
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