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RedMere - Ultra Slim Series High Performance Micro HDMI to HDMI (A-D)


Connect your HDMI® equipped mobile device directly to your television using this Ultra Slim Active High Speed HDMI Cable with HDMI Micro Connector.

RedMere has developed several tiny integrated circuits (ICs) that boost and equalize digital signals in HDMI and DisplayPort cables. This allows the cables to be longer and thinner than conventional passive cables. The IC is mounted in the receiver-end connector and powered by harvesting a bit of power directly from the source device.

These cables are thinner and easier to route around—or even through—walls, and they weigh much less than comparable passive cables, putting less stress on connectors. In addition, they provide all the capabilities of HDMI 1.4, including 3D, 4K, Ethernet, and Audio Return Channel.

As mentioned earlier, the connector that includes the module must be connected to an HDMI input. Why? Because the IC analyzes the loss in each data channel by measuring the edges of the digital pulses with picosecond accuracy, and it then compensates for those losses before the signal is sent to the receiving device.hometheaterhifi

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